Spark - Featuring Mr. Lif from the album Spark Featuring Mr. Lif
by Mochipet

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No One Saves Us But Ourselves Samsara and Baraka Remix Video by Karen Wei

Whomp-s-saurus Sex Official Video

Whomp-a-saurus Sex Original from the album Mochipet Whompa-saurus Sex Single
by Mochipet

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Mochipet Daly City, California

Born in Taiwan to a rocket scientist father and kindergarten teacher mother, David Y Wang aka Mochipet’s music has traveled the globe from Europe to Asia and everything in between. Been featured in Videos Games with the Beastie Boys as well as performed by a 20-piece orchestra at New York’s Carnegie Hall.You may have heard his songs dropped by DJs such as Bassnectar.
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