1. Psilocybin Samurai Remixed

  2. Spark Featuring Mr. Lif

  3. Psilocybin Samurai

  4. Mochipet's Remix of Kraddy's "No One Saves Us But Ourselves"

  5. Portishead The Walls Are Dripping Halloween Remix by Mochipet

  6. Mochipet Godzilla Rehab Center

  7. STS9 "When The Dust Settles" (Mochipet Remix)

  8. Pokemon Wedding

  9. Hello My Name Is Mochipet

  10. Daly City Presents Baby Godzilla

  11. Master P on Atari

  12. Chicxulub

  13. Bunnies and Muffins

  14. Microphonepet Instrumentals & Acapellas

  15. 10 Reasons to Love Hate Dubstep

  16. Mochipet Laptop Stolen on Tour in New Orleans...

  17. WHO DA BOSS (Featuring Slim Thug)

  18. Mochipet Whompa-saurus Sex Single


  20. Mochipet Godzilla New Year Single

  21. James Brown - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (Mochipet Remix)

  22. Electric Saki House

  23. Microphonepet

  24. Live in Beijing

  25. Mochipet's Asian American Horror Story

  26. Diplo - Express Yourself (Twerkcore Remix)

  27. Kaiju Pet (Free Download)

  28. DJ Sol Rising Feat. Rasco - Around The Clock (Mochipet Remix) Free Download

  29. Rawr Means I Love You

  30. Mochipet - Happy Bday Tupac Holler If You Hear Me Remix
    Mochipet, Tupac Shakur, 2pac, Makaveli

  31. Wiz Khalifa vs. Too Short

  32. Mochipet Is Evil

  33. Mochipet - Chicxulub Rebirth

  34. STS9 - Scheme (Mochipet Remix) Free Download

  35. TheBins-Inspiration Feat. Sole (Mochipet's Wormhole Generator Remix)

  36. Samples Drop Bombs The Remixes

  37. Master P on Atari Transformed Vol. 2

  38. Master P on Atari Transformed Vol. 1

  39. Eazy-E-On-Atari

  40. reHyphed

  41. reBootied

  42. Master P on Atari MixTape

  43. Feel My China II

  44. Girls Love Breakcore

  45. Disko Donkey

  46. Mochipet Feel My China I

  47. Uzumaki

  48. Combat

  49. Randbient Works 2002

  50. Mochipet CDR


Mochipet Daly City, California

Born in Taiwan to a rocket scientist father and kindergarten teacher mother, David Y Wang aka Mochipet’s music has traveled the globe from Europe to Asia and everything in between. Been featured in Videos Games with the Beastie Boys as well as performed by a 20-piece orchestra at New York’s Carnegie Hall.You may have heard his songs dropped by DJs such as Bassnectar.

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